Darling Hair

Coke Studio Africa, mambo bado ni moto. Muziki mzuri, mavazi maridadi, hakika ni burudani ya aina yake, ya kipekee.

Wiki hii tulikuwa na wasanii Patoranking (NG), Alikiba (TZ), Amanda Black (SA), Joey B (GH), Dremo (NG), Nyashinski (KE) na Mafikizolo (SA).

Well the velvets gave us life from Alikiba na Patoranking. Akipeform My Woman, Alikiba alivalia a royal dark purple velvet shirt paired with black tight jeans and a gold chain kifuani, The look was very royal on him.


With Patoranking,akiimba Chekecha Cheketua, he was smoking hot in an all royal red velvet trucks, head to toe, akimatch na white sneakers and shades. The look was bright and so were his dance moves.

Na on their orginal song collab, Alikiba  went for a yellow, red and white sweater huku Patoranking akivalia a yellow sweater t-shirt and wote chini wakiwa in black tight jeans. Pia our eyes went for the shoes as Alikiba had some white sneakers and Patoranking rocking some macaroon coloured Chelsea boots.

With her slow soothing performance, Msanii Amanda Black had a green and brown coat, blush pink skirt akiwa na her signature dotted tattoos usoni na her yale blue braids kichwani. Joey B alivalia a cyan t-shirt, a black cowboy hat kichwani na Vans mguuni, all fresh.

Na lastly  kwa stage were Mafikizolo (SA), Nyashisnki (KE) na Dremo (NG). With Makifizolo, the accessories were African wow. Nothing that a drop of African anyhthing cannot fix. Theo’s maroon jacket looked sexy on him na Nhlanhla’s off shoulders African printed peplum blouse with a gold belt kiunoni was everything.

Dremo’s simple and fresh look had him wearing a dark blue flowerly shirt huku Nyashisnki had a simple tee on him. Both walitupia some killer white sneakers kwa chini.

Review imeandikwa na @willibard_jr

Twaendelea kuwa inspired na kudiscover more killer outfits and style all thanks to Coke Studio Africa.

Coke Studio Africa fashion Review – Episode4



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