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Green Tea Benefits On Weight Loss With Samichepi

Green Tea Benefits On Weight Loss With Samichepi 

Samichepi ni binti wa miaka 19, sisi tumemjua kutoka mtandao wa instagram ambapo ana wafuasi 105,000/- mpaka sasa, kwa mtu wa kawaida kuwa na followers laki na kuendelea kwa kufanya biashara tu ni jambo kubwa. Samichepi alianza na biashara ya kuuza bidhaa za urembo ambazo ni za kwake lakini kwa sasa ana fanya biashara ya vito, tuliona bidhaa nyingi kwake ikiwepo green tea na matcha kutokana na hili swala la wanawake kutaka kupungua uzito na matumbo ime tufanya tumtafute na kumuuliza kuhusu maswala machache ambayo tulidhani yatawanufaisha na ninyi

Afroswagga – tofauti Ya Green Tea Na Majani Mengine

Samichepi-  Green Tea has like 2 types. Matcha and normal green tea leaves. 
Then you have normal tea leaves and herbs. 

The only difference that makes green tea outstanding is that it has a lot more to offer than other teas, because it’s not just for weight loss. It’s for your entire body/system. Matcha has been proved that it can prevent cancer, and also size down fibroids, matcha controls blood pressure and eliminates cholesterol and so much more, so it’s not only for burning fat but also for the wellness of the mind and body. 
Matcha has more chlorophyll and antioxidants considering it has not been dried up into tea leaves, it has been grinded into fine powder so it has more of the nutrients.

Majani mengine, mostly chinese herbs, they just help with metabolism and burning of fat which in real sense, can be obtained by eating certain types of food and so forth. With other teas, the results are short term. Unlike matcha, it doesn’t matter if you work out twice a day or never, it doesn’t matter if you eat cake because certainly you can have matcha cake, it’s something that you can eat almost all the time compared to tea, where you only drink it when you can probably twice a day, and if your junk intake is high pr your metabolism is slow that means the tea will work slowly, unlike green tea, it doesn’t matter kivile

Afroswagga –  Inafanyaje Kazi?

Samichepi –   Matcha contains EGCG, they help in weight loss and reduction of body fat
It is also used to treat diabetes and is reported to have glucose-lowering effects. In addition, glucose can cause a person to feel hungry, and by controlling insulin levels, you control appetite And some other things I have not researched in deep but this is the most important par Other teas, just work by burning fat and clearing toxins, most of them work by diarrhoea-if the tea has a laxative. But it only burns fat in a certain area, it’s not an overall kind of thing

Afroswagga – Kweli Ina Punguza Uzito?

Samichepi –  Yes, it does work, sema inabidi uwe patient and inabidi uelewe unafanya nini. Watu wanaweza kunywa pombe, wanakula nyama choma, kiti moto sijui nini, hawafanyi mazoezi and they think tea or matcha can solve their problem in a month. Hata Yesu hawezi kufanya miujiza ya kiasi hicho

Afroswagga – Kuna Matumizi Tofauti Ya Kupunguza Uzito Na Tumbo Au Ni Saw a?

Samichepi – They say different strokes for different folks. What works for one person barely works for the other. Cha muhimu ni intake yako lazima iwe reasonable. Meaning at least having 1 to3 litres of matcha or tea in general per day can help boost your metabolism, so then your food digests faster and you burn more food, fat haikai tu kwenye belly stagnant Most importantly it’s not how you use the tea/green tea, it is how you use everything else from what you drink, what you eat, how you eat etc

afroswagga  – does the brand of green tea matter? au unaweza kutumia yoyote? Kama Brand Matters Then Niangalie Kitu Gani Wakati Wa Kununua Kujua Haya Yanafaa Haya Hayafai

Samichepi -Honestly it doesn’t matter, However, kuna brands nyingi, I myself sell matcha but it’s like I use it in my personal life so it is good for me, some brands are good, but most of the time they are overpriced. 
Kuna Japanese matcha and Chinese matcha. 
They all work, hakuna yenye any special features, it is only that Japanese matcha has less iron and I am not sure what other element inayo less than Chinese lakini otherwise, vitu vingine ni propaganda tu and if you just want to lose weight, it’s best to opt for the Chinese one mainly because Japanese BARELY exports their matcha because Chinese and Japanese take matcha as a traditional thing, they even have a special way of taking it and a ceremony kabisa, it’s that important to them, so mpaka upate, it’s expensive, so if you’re to choose, choose Chinese, you get more in the long run and kuna rare cases of side effects and stuff like that

Afroswagga – Naweza Kuitumia Na Maji Ya Baridi?

Samichepi – Yes, iced green tea,  Iced matcha latte Hata ukiweka maziwa na whipped cream, ni sawa tu

Afroswagga – Namna Ya Kuiandaa Kwa Ajili Ya Kupunguza Uzito

Samichepi – Matcha- 1/4 teaspoon in whatever you take- be it milk, smoothie, milkshake, water, pizza, donut, cake topping etc it’s versatile, unaweka kwenye chochote

For chai za kawaida- tea bag in 1 litre water, let it steep, then drink throughout the day, replace sugar with honey, try adding lemon, Cinnamon and ginger possibly mint or sage if you prefer extras 
Lakini most slimming teas come with weird tastes, not our brand lakini I have had funky teas these past few years, the worst was orange flavour. Never again.  So adding spices or herbs will create a bomb

Afroswagga –  Inahitajika Kunyweka Mara Ngapi? Na Muda Gani

Samichepi – Fanya iwe kama lifestyle, sio kama dawa ya malaria you know? Drink it while you can until it becomes a part of your routine. All the time if not most of the time. Because you are working on your wellbeing as well, mpaka ufike point ya kutaka kulose weight or burn extra calories that means mwili umejaa toxins na takataka kibao, so if you really love and care for yourself you’ll try to have it from when you wake up, just like how you have breakfast, switch coffee with green tea or whatever herbal tea you use, switch boxed juice with fresh juice with matcha in it, and stuff like that
Kila picha ambayo tumetumia hapo inatoka kwa samichepi, unamweza kumfollow instagram @samichepi au duka lake @samichepi.hq au unaweza ingia katika blog yake hapa , anavitu vingi vya urembo na kwanini tusim support binti wa miaka 19 anaye fanya makubwa na anatoke hapa hapa Tanzania?

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