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Julitha Kabete Ametuambia Kila Kitu Kuhusu Kufanya Kazi Na Fashion Nova

Julitha Kabete Ametuambia Kila Kitu Kuhusu Kufanya Kazi Na Fashion Nova 

Kama ambavyo tuliwaandikia kuhusu Miss Africa Tanzania Julitha Kabete kuwa Brand Ambassador wa Brand kubwa ya Fashion Nova tulipata nafasi ya kuongea nae mawili matatu, kujua aliwezaje kupata deal hii na mengine mengi. unaweza kusoma hapo chini

Afroswagga – Tumeona ukiwa una post kuhusu Fashion Nova tunge penda kujua je wewe ni brand ambassador wao? na ilikuaje wakakutafuta? 

Julitha: I’m just like other novababes. They chose me, jokingly I commented on something and they they emailed me.
Now I’m their Novababe,They will choose you. They like curved bodies or people who attract or fit in their clothes well to sell

Froswagga: Je inalipa na unaweza kushauri wengine kufanya?
Julitha: Yes but I guess it’s luck to have to represent certain brands honestly. And most of my friends are influencers so we collaborate in these things.

Afroswagga: Je wa Tanzania wananunua vitu kutoka kwenu? tunaelewa wewe kama ambassador utakua na information. 

Julitha: They also look at followers Most of my followers, Aren’t Tanzanian Its Few Who Understands This Things

Afroswagga: Tupe maoni yako kuhusu bidhaa zao 
Julitha:They are well fitted and they range from going out clothes to casual
So I wanna feature them and they will feature me as well. But I’m not a person using one brand only I have more coming 
I like surprising and I want to introduce new things to people
Plus it’s cheaper (Fashion Nova ) even shipping is affordable I think. I think Tanzanians spend more money buying things from people on Instagram that they could ship themselves for affordable price just imagine but I’m about to write things about these so people understand

Afroswagga:  Kama m-Tanzania wa kwanza kuiwakilisha brand hii Tanzania unajisikiaje? 

Julitha:I feel amazing. Honestly I feel blessed for brands and clothing lines to hair companies that have being wanting to work with me. So my page will be more of brands featured

Afroswagga: Amen to this we need more people like you in this country

Julitha :Yes we do need more people who are pushing into the market but it takes time and I have just started. If you have a passion life something you will work hard and won’t give up easily. I have always loved fashion , and I don’t await for opportunities, I also look for them. Most people think I spend a lot but I do spend on things that represent my personality. I love to look classy and I love to look unique. So I try my best to not use same designers or same designs and if I do then it’s best

Afroswaga: Kama ambavyo umesema hapo juu Fashion Nova wana chagua warembo wenye miili mizuri, unaweza ku share na sisi some tips za nini unafanya ku maintain mwili wako as your body is amazing. 

Julitha: Thank you. I don’t did much with my body honestly considering I’m lazy person when it comes to work out. Sometimes I gain weight , sometimes I lose weight and I embrace all phases. When I gain most of my fat goes to my thighs so I barely gain on my tummy so I’m thankful for that. But some tips i sometimes waist train when I do some simple workouts at home, like sit-ups and I use ankle weights for leg workouts . But I promise you I barely do it every week. Drinking lemon hot water on daily as well

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