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Elisha Red Label Tells The Story Behind  Nandy’s Reception Dress
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Elisha Red Label Tells The Story Behind Nandy’s Reception Dress 

Tunaweza sema Nandy being a fashionista aliweza kutukosha moyo na her reception dress japo baadhi walikuwa na maoni kinzani juu ya kuonyesha her precious baby bump

AFS: Tuanze the dress ambapo the baby bump iliweza onyeshwa, the idea ilitoka wapi, kwako, Nandy ama pamoja?

Elisha: Hehehe!!! the baby bump saga!!! well the idea initially was Nandy’s and the actual idea was to have the baby bump bare and out nothing covering it, And at first when she told me this, I was very skeptical about it, but when designing it and the thought process, I had to think of the client in particular, she Is not a nurse, or a teacher or an executive of any sort, She is an Entertainer, a pop star, She is Artistic so that has to be considered, It was her big day so she needed to turn heads and have that shock factor, We could easily have made her a maternity bridal dress but that would have been underwhelming, that would be forgettable and on a day that is that important and with her level of celebrity, we had to make her the star of that whole hall, A leading star amongst stars, I mean whether you liked it or not, it got you talking… it left an impact.

AFS: Na, je iliweza chukka muda gani for the dress to be ready?

Elisha: Time frame is tricky to calculate as it was booked two months prior to the event but the actual making it took about a week

AFS: Na yeye being pregnant, as a designer ulipata changamoto zipi katika kukamilisha the whole dress?

Elisha: Changamoto, hazikuwepo she is a chilled and relaxed person in general, so sikupata zile attitude za mimba

AFS: Brides wengi wajawazito huwa na hofu ya kutopendeza, wakihofia tumbo la ujauzito kuwa kikwazo ila kwa Nandy iliweza kufana, ni ushauri gani waweza wapatia ukiwa kama mbunifu katika kuchagua kilicho sahihi na cha kupendeza?

Elisha: As a pregnant bride you gotta go major, what I say is pick a design you would want to wear even if you weren’t pregnant, and then sort out the adjustments with your designer, you gotta figure out a way to make the baby bump work, kwa sababu kama tunavojua wageni waalikwa hawatakuwa na huruma kuwa bi harusi ana mimba tusipendeze, so na wewe Vaa the best of best… your baby bump can be your perfect accessory to being the best dressed bride.

AFS: Pia mitandaoni, baadhi ya watu walionyeshwa kutokupendezwa na Nandy kuonyesha her baby bump, je the negative comments zilizokufikia wazizungumziaje na wawaelimisha vipi katika hili?

Elisha: Nandy ni super star, nandy sio mwalimu au daktari, Nandy is an entertainer hawezi kuvaa nguo za kawaida ambazo hazitashtua jamii na kuwapa watu changamoto ya maoni na mawazo, That dress is Arvant Garde… its high-fashion… it is made to cause a stir and drama not just to look pretty. So comment nzuri au mbaya the point is we made a statement and we made people think.

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